NC State

Seth Theuerkauf


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I am currently a PhD Candidate (anticipated graduation, August 2017) in Marine Conservation Ecology and a U.S. Department of Defense National Defense Science & Engineering Graduate Research Fellow at North Carolina State University’s Center for Marine Sciences and Technology in Morehead City, North Carolina, and am advised by Dr. David Eggleston.

My research focuses on developing translatable scientific information and tools to better conserve and restore imperiled coastal shoreline habitats and ecosystems. I use field-based approaches and computer simulation modeling to better inform adaptive shoreline management to enhance coastal resilience. As a member of the Eggleston lab, I am involved in basic and applied ecological research that aims to address fundamental questions related to coastal marine ecosystem processes. For more information on my current and previous research initiatives, please click the “Research” link above.

I can be reached at: sjtheuer at ncsu dot edu. I’m always happy to talk science and to discuss potential avenues for collaboration! Have a great day!